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From beginning to finished product, I can help you realize your app idea, decide on the design and choose the main functionality, build, test and publish to the App Store.
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Your app will do its functionality exceptionally well and take advantage of the best of the Apple's frameworks


Your app will have clean and maintainable code inside and an attractive and delightful design on the outside which highlights your brand


The colors and design of your app will make it unique and memorable without sacrificing the user experience


Attention to detail


From native iOS development to backend integrations I dedicate myself to go from demo to done, using the right tech stack to convert your app prototype into an enjoyable product.

Knowledge of the whole process


Wether you need to test your MVP in TestFlight or publish your first, second or third iOS App, I can use my experience to make the process smoother and with minimal stress.

Support all the way


No app is ever finished. New iOS versions come and go, new Apple technologies and devices. I offer affordable maintenance packages to keep your apps up to date.


Tell me a little bit of your idea and I help you understand what is possible and what to expect from the market.

Custom Design

If your iOS app have special design needs I know great designers to convert your idea into a beautiful product.

Free Estimates

Contact me and tell me you initial requirements and I will give you a free estimate of time, difficulty and cost.



Nibh Elit Tristique


Aenean Condimentum


Quam Inceptos



Spanish Vocabulary builder


Spanish language helper and vocabulary builder for learners.

+ Own product
+ Latest Apple technologies
+ Available on the App Store
Key Technologies:
Swift – SwiftUI – Combine – Codable – GCD

School contract management system


Contract and billing management iOS app for a local school.

+ Client Work
+ Build from Scratch
+ Development and design
Key Technologies:
Swift – PDFKit – WebKit – UIKit – CloudKit -Restful API

Active Lesson Planner

Makes it easy to create active lesson plans, organize and easily find them. Currently in beta testing and soon to be release to Apple App Store.

Key Technologies:
Swift – StoreKit- In-App Purchase – UIKit

+ Own product
+ Build from Scratch
+ Currently in TestFlight beta test

Food ordering

Solution for a small local restaurant to serve its customers and comply to Covid distancing measurements.

Key Technologies:
Swift – Firebase- Dashboard – SwiftUI

+ Client work
+ Build from Scratch
+ Only modern APIs

Beauty Salon Booking

Easy for customers to book haircuts and other services and simple for the salon to add promotions, discounts and manage bookings.

Key Technologies:
Swift – Firebase- Core Data – Notifications - SwiftUI

+ Remote Notifications
+ Fast syncing
+ Administrative dashboard

Pet adoption service

I build this app to help pets get a new home. Users can find pets available for adoption in nearby shelters.

Key Technologies:
SwiftUI – Rest API - Caching

+ Open Source Work
+ Only modern technology
+ Available on the App Store
+ Available on  GitHub

Noise Management

This app provides a gamification strategy to grab students attention and lower noise levels in the classroom. Easy to use and loved by the students.

Key Technologies:
Swift - AVAudioManager - Lottie Animations - JSON - Codable - UIKit

+ Nice animations
+ Build from Scratch
+ Available on the App Store

Who am I


I'm a self-taught iOS developer based in Europe. Currently working for a pretty big e-grocery business. I absolutely love creating applications, learning new technologies and growing as a developer.

I have been recognised as a raywenderlich.com iOS bootcamp graduate and as an UpWork rising talent in the iOS developers category.


Doing business and exceeding client/employer expectations are part of my goals in life. I have a natural passion for bootstrapping a business and growing it.
Before Sea Developer, I founded and run one of the best rated Spanish language schools in Moscow, Russia. And I plan to get my developer career to similar or better results.


I also enjoy teaching. I have teach the Spanish language around the world for more than 10 years.

It was my desire to give my students more material to practice what push me to learn programming. In the future, along my development career, I plan to open an iOS programming school.

Johandre is such a great developer, always helpful and ready to receive and give feedback. Will certainly work more with him in my future projects.

Francisco Segura

Glue App

You will find in Johandre a person that is dedicated to his clients and goes the extra mile to make sure you are happy with his work.

Elena Nesterova

Clean Line Moscow

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